Tourists’ satisfaction with public transport services in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Ali Alphonsus Nwachukwu
  • Nwosu Ijeoma Gladys
  • Okpe Kennedy Chikezie
Keywords: public transport; urban tourism; tourist use; satisfaction; quality of service attributes


This research examined tourists use and perception of public transport services in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. It strived to find out factors that influence their level of satisfaction with public transport services. Data were collected from a study of tourists using a self-rating questionnaire with an intercept survey at chosen tourist sites in Lagos. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, principal component analysis and discriminant function analysis. The results depict that tourists were not satisfied with public transport services in the city of Lagos. Principal component analysis results identified five underlying components–accessibility, journey comfort, traveling security, traveling information, and customer services− that impact on tourists’ contentment with public transportation services. The study recommended extensive improvement of public transport systems that will enhance satisfaction of tourists and help to address tourists and local users’ problems of using public transport systems get to their destinations in the city of Lagos. 

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Alphonsus Nwachukwu, A., Ijeoma Gladys, N., & Kennedy Chikezie, O. (2019). Tourists’ satisfaction with public transport services in Lagos, Nigeria. AUC Geographica, 54(1), 67-80.
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