• Dušan Drbohlav Charles University
  • Adrian Bailey Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Zdeněk Čermák Charles University
  • Dita Čermáková Charles University
  • Dorin Lozovanu Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
  • Eliška Masná Charles University
  • Lenka Pavelková Charles University
  • Markéta Seidlová Charles University
  • Robert Stojanov Charles University
  • Ondřej Valenta Charles University
  • Francesco Vietti FIERI, University of Turin and University of Milan-Bicocca


This contribution advances knowledge of contemporary Moldovan migration and is the first comparative description of the situation of Moldovans in Czechia and Italy. Our specific objective is to review evidence about how the concept of the migration-development nexus applies to the Moldovan situation. In the absence of comparable primary data on Moldovan migration our research design uses mixed methods and triangulates data from Moldova and across the main destinations for Moldovan migration, including Italy and Czechia. In addition to confirming prior research on the significance of remittances to the Moldovan economy since 1991, we report three additional findings. First, Moldovan migrants, particularly women who may work as domestic workers are often invisible and undercounted. Second, Moldovan migration is rapidly diversifying, with new destinations, selectivities, and forms and modes of mobility. Third, the global economic recession of 2008 had different implications for Moldovan migration patterns to and from Czechia and Italy. We conclude with a specific call for research that extends the migration-development nexus by examining social remittances and the mobility and labour strategies of Moldovan family reunifiers. The paper also argues for availability of robust data that would allow comparative analysis of international migration and could better support evidence-based debates about migration.

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DRBOHLAV, Dušan et al. DIVERSIFICATION TRENDS IN MOLDOVAN INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION: EVIDENCE FROM CZECHIA AND ITALY. AUC GEOGRAPHICA, [S.l.], v. 52, n. 2, p. 237-248, dec. 2017. ISSN 2336-1980. Available at: <http://aucgeographica.cz/index.php/aucg/article/view/198>. Date accessed: 25 may 2018. doi: https://doi.org/10.14712/23361980.2017.19.
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migration; Moldova; Czechia; Italy; remittances